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Comdr. JRL Moore escorting the High Commissioner for Malaya General Sir Gerald Templer General Templer observing during practice action stations General Templer being introduced to the ships officers
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Hong Kong traders on fo'c'sle "Froggie" French being taken ashore after an accident as bowman of the motor cutter "Sully" Sullivan and author at HMS Terror playing fields
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Junk on East coast of Malaya being boarded Alert under mock attack by RAF Vampires Alert under mock attack by RAF  Mosquito
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Bob Sullivan, author and Brian McAllister on Pulau Tioman beach Sports Day on the playing fields of HMS Terror - Singapore
(Many thanks to Jim Green for the correction.)
Author - P.Clarke (not Alert) and Rick Crawford - Jubilee Club 1953

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Frank "Lofty" Waterfield
A member of the A.S.W.I.'s Association and the H.M.S. Ganges Association

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