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Looking over Saigon & the French Naval HQ, Vietnam HMS Alert berthed alongside at foot of Rue Catinat, Saigon, Vietnam Saigon, Vietnam
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Frank "Lofty" Waterfield - at sea Going ashore - Singapore Cmdr. JRL Moore on the bridge of Alert entering Port Swettenham
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U.S.S. Phillips - R.N.A. Wave Premier - H.M.A.S Sydney refuelling at sea off Korea - South Korean raiding party becalmed off Korean mainland Taken in tow
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Tawau, Sabah Sibu, Sarawak Kuching, Sarawak
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Tug 'o war on quarter deck outside Singapore Roads Hockey team at HMS Terror (Singapore) playing fields Barefoot football at Pulau Tioman, Malaya
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On the beach at Pulau Redang Gathering nuts HMS Alert at Pulau Tioman
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At Sandycrofts, Penang Author with Rick Crawford At Sandycrofts, Penang

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Frank "Lofty" Waterfield

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