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photomanlinen.gif (8072 bytes) goldroseleft.gif (3920 bytes) Roses bloom and after a brief, wonderful, period of time they fade and die.

Through the lens of my camera, their beauty lives on forever.

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All the photographs shown here were taken by Frank Waterfield

(m) denotes - a miniature rose

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Orange Honey (m) Sandalwood
Freedom Peacemaker
portrait-p23-5.jpg (16680 bytes) portrait-p23-7.jpg (15176 bytes) portrait-p24-35.jpg (18537 bytes) portrait-p24-38.jpg (14189 bytes)
Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait
pinkpeace-p21-16.jpg (20781 bytes) pinkpeace-p31a-13.jpg (26646 bytes) pinkpeace-p47-3.jpg (18918 bytes) pinkpeace-p47-9.jpg (17869 bytes)
Pink Peace Pink Peace Pink Peace Pink Peace
silverjubilee-p32-5.jpg (20466 bytes) suttersgold-p23-25.jpg (16877 bytes) suttersgold-p24-22.jpg (18865 bytes) wienerwald-p31a-13.jpg (14764 bytes)
Silver Jubilee Sutters Gold Sutters Gold Wienerwald
peacej.jpg (16850 bytes) peace-p21-20.jpg (15702 bytes) oregold-p46-17.jpg (17260 bytes) oregold-p46-22.jpg (16022 bytes)
Peace Peace Oregold Oregold
flamingo-p32-11.jpg (21033 bytes) flamingo-p32-6.jpg (21975 bytes) diewelt-p48-20.jpg (17671 bytes) diewelt-p49-14.jpg (18333 bytes)
Flamingo Flamingo Diewelt Diewelt

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Canon 24-105 mm IS USM lens

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Last update: March 22, 2011