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photomanlinen.gif (8072 bytes) goldroseleft.gif (3920 bytes) Roses bloom and after a brief, wonderful, period of time they fade and die.

Through the lens of my camera, their beauty lives on forever.

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All the photographs shown here were taken by Frank Waterfield

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Chicago Peace Chicago Peace Silver Jubilee Silver Jubilee
sunflare-frame27.jpg (24246 bytes) sunflare-frame28.jpg (22238 bytes) magiclantern-frame5.jpg (20666 bytes) ladyrose-frame37.jpg (25405 bytes)
Sunflare Sunflare Magic Lantern Lady Rose
preciousplatinum-frame26.jpg (25410 bytes) preciousplatinum-frame24.jpg (21044 bytes) johnwaterer-frame229.jpg (33578 bytes) nationaltrust-frame31.jpg (23233 bytes)
Precious Platinum Precious Platinum John Waterer National Trust
marijkekoopman-frame23.jpg (23922 bytes) pinkpeace-frame21.jpg (36472 bytes) keepsake-frame34.jpg (25294 bytes) keepsake-frame36.jpg (28116 bytes)
Marijke Koopman Pink Peace Keepsake Keepsake
fragrantapricot-frame10.jpg (26819 bytes) bluegirl-frame11.jpg (22058 bytes) niagarapride-frame22.jpg (20980 bytes) nantucket-frame15.jpg (19908 bytes)
Fragrant Apricot Blue Girl Niagara Pride Nantucket

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