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photomanlinen.gif (8072 bytes) goldroseleft.gif (3920 bytes) Roses bloom and after a brief, wonderful, period of time they fade and die.

Through the lens of my camera, their beauty lives on forever.

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All the photographs shown here were taken by Frank Waterfield

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These photos were taken in Burnaby
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Mountain Park near Vancouver British Columbia August 2001
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Sun Sprite Kings Ransom Sun Sprite Ditto
lt pink-2.jpg (24648 bytes) pink-11.jpg (33420 bytes) pink-14.jpg (35099 bytes) lt pink.jpg (21858 bytes)
Ditto Ditto Ditto Flamingo
mary kittel.jpg (30436 bytes) pinkrose-p21-8.jpg (18971 bytes) dads rose 1983.jpg (20386 bytes) chryslerimp-p47-16.jpg (25655 bytes)
Mary Kittel Pink Rose My late Dad's rose Chrysler Imperial
standardrose-p24-17.jpg (25156 bytes) lustige.jpg (29773 bytes) merlin-p37-13.jpg (21577 bytes) rose-p19-10.jpg (20003 bytes)
Pillar Rose
(name unknown)
Lustige Merlin Yes, I put the caterpillar on the rose smile.gif (950 bytes)

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