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photomanlinen.gif (8072 bytes) goldroseleft.gif (3920 bytes) Roses bloom and after a brief, wonderful, period of time they fade and die.

Through the lens of my camera, their beauty lives on forever.

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All the photographs shown here were taken by Frank Waterfield

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Portrait Portrait Portrait Portrait
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No name No name No name No name
herhighness-p46-10.jpg (13446 bytes) honey favourite.jpg (24525 bytes) gardenparty-p48-24.jpg (16769 bytes) colormagic-p49-23.jpg (16865 bytes)
Her Highness Honey Favourite Garden Party Colour Magic
chivalry.jpg (19350 bytes) chicago_peace.jpg (18396 bytes) chicagopeace-p47-24.jpg (16994 bytes) champion-p38-18.jpg (19448 bytes)
Chivalry Chicago Peace Chicago Peace Champion
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Brandy Brandy Brandy Brandy
bewitched-p38-9.jpg (21603 bytes) bobby charlton.jpg (15349 bytes) allsmeergold-p38-15.jpg (20470 bytes) arizona-p47-6.jpg (19059 bytes)
Bewitched Bobby Charlton Allsmeer Gold Arizona

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